Flow Forever

In these modern times, everyone is subject to stress, alienation, anxiety and a multitude of other negative energies, which burden us unnecessarily. Perhaps if we all learned to be content with ourselves and find our inner balance, the world would not be in the state of destruction that it is today? For Fredriksson, the three main religions of the world, in their multiple, fragmentary forms - Christianity, Judaism and Islam - are insufficient and lacking. Rather than uniting humanity, they are segregational, differential and conservative. There needs to be a fusion of religions, ideas and practices to match the needs of the 21st century and for this, the author looks to the East - meditation, Buddhism, Zen, Hinduism - which embrace and accept difference and which focus on the introspective building of well-being and equilibrium as the locus for change and progress, rather than an aggressive imposition of wills which becomes the power play of domination and submission which we currently suffer from. A very accessible text, combining information, references, DIY tips as well as personal anecdotes, which will inspire enthusiasts and first-timers alike.

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