The Journey to Life or Death

One day, I saw large grey tufts in front of my eyes. At work, I decided something definitely happened to my handwriting. The letters became small and was I born on the 28th or the 29th? I simply did not know.
On the hospital had to I wait an eternity. I took out my lipstick, but could only apply it to the left side of my mouth, the right side being impossible to reach.
They performed a CT scan and later in the evening I was informed I had a stroke and that parts of the left side of my brain, close to the speech centre, were destroyed.
Darkness closed in on me, but then came the light.
I found myself inside one of the 100 trillion cells that are in our bodies…
A large blood vessel was completely blocked. The blood platelets piled up on top of each other, more and more and more. This was my brain close to the speech centre. Would my brain be totally destroyed? Would I be able to speak again? Was this actually death that I was experiencing?  
I departed from my life without saying good-bye to my nearest and dearest…and the conferences ”Toward a Science of Consciousness” and ”Science and Non-Duality” were to be attended by Stuart Hameroff, Menas Kafatos and Deepak Chopra. I won´t be attending.

My body flinched. Hoarsely, I took my last breath … Oh my gosh, how truly exiting! Suddenly my conscious coursed strongly back into my body!
My out of body experience had instead been an in-the-body experience.

I hope to see you at the “Science of Consciousness” conference or the SAND (Science and Nonduality) conference!

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