Our water is a marvellous solution – always on the move in the cycle of nature – and a condition for all life. Water is always changing form, from liquid to vapour to ice, and back again. Water is cyclic and has been functioned this way for billions of years. Every life on Earth depends on water; computer simulation has shown that the DNA helix breaks apart if it is modelled without water.

Water is a chemical union of hydrogen and oxygen. The water molecule is a dipole; the atoms are joined in an asymmetrical manner that gives one end a surplus of positive electrical energy and the other end a surplus of negative electrical energy. Water is heaviest not at 0°C, its freezing point, but at +4°C. If it were heaviest at 0°C then ice would form first at the bottom of rivers and lakes; the fish would die and the ice would not melt in the spring. Would there be life on earth in that event?

The water in oceans and large lakes absorbs heat in warm weather and radiates warmth when it is cold, tempering the climate.

Researchers are investigating water’s relationship to consciousness. Masaru Emoto, who photographs crystals that form in bottles of water labelled with different words, says that maybe water cannot think, but water is something magical. In the context of quantum mind, the Italian scientist Guiseppe Vitiello says, ‘It all depends on water.’ The Finnish researcher Alex Kaivarainen studies water’s significance for consciousness as well as its role in biosystems.

Water goes together with all life on Earth, and people have been aware for thousands of years of its significance. Water was seen as a very important link between everyday life and the life of spirit. The ancient mystery schools as well as Christianity saw water as bearing divinity and life-giving forces.

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